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"He that uses many words for the explaining any subject doth, like the cuttlefish, hide himself for the most part in his own ink." John Ray

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I Have Joined the Ranks of the Gainfully Employed

I have a job at a daycare center (which I will not be blogging about because one can never take enough precautions about children, privacy, and keeping them safe). However, I haven’t run out of things to say about my generation, unemployment, job-hunting, and just society in general. So I will blog on with little change to this site’s purpose.

Soldier on, comrades. Soldier on.


“Thrift, thrift, Horatio!”

Three weeks ago, a proprietor at our local thrift store asked if I’d be willing to help out as they were rearranging, throwing away, and restocking the store. My top five discoveries I will share with you.

.A drunken hobo rag doll. I was unable to take an actual picture, unfortunately. This is my best artistic rendering via Microsoft Paint. Also, he may or may not have had bloodshot eyes. I may have blocked my memory of it too well.

Half a Menorah? A little shalom in the home* for your favorite huntsman, maybe?

*I’m not racist. Shut your face.

Tom Selleck IS … The Barbequer

…wait for it…

It’s either a tripod candle-holder or a ringless glass dog bell.

Or even better, Sherlock Holmes’ little memorabilia of the Hound of the Baskervilles case. During October, he could light a crimson red votive for a while, then quickly flip it over, extinguishing the flame and voila! A darling, bloody touch to the Halloween décor.

Then . . .

“Happy mother’s day mom. Hope you injoy wats insid there. Happy mothe’s day again.”

. . . amid the double-take WTH moments and asthma attacks from dust flying, you find something like this. And you kinda wish you knew the story behind it.

For once, the spelling police will withhold her snark and let this slide.

Ubiquitous #1

Starbucks and Apple should buy shares, stocks, or whatnot in Instagram. Surely the phenomenon has transcended word-of-mouth publicity and become all out advertising. There has to be money-making potential here, I just know it.



“But how can I describe my softly gleaming latte art strategically juxtaposed with my Mac that I bought from THE SYSTEM I protest via Facebook and Twitter? HOW?”

“The Wheel Is Turning But the Hamster Is Dead”–in graphics

If you hear these kinds of questions from a grandparent, other relatives, or from good friends of the family, don’t blow them off and/or storm out of the room, even though you are sick to death of hearing them over and over again. That’s not nice. They keep asking because they care. (I’m preaching to myself here.)

However, feel free to show these illustrations to the next financially secure/employed shmo that asks you one (or all) of the following half-baked questions:

  • “Can’t you find a job?” or “Can’t you find a better job than that? I thought that’s what you went to college for.”
  • “Can’t you just relocate to find a job?” or “Can’t you just save up your money to move?”
  • “Why do you think they didn’t hire you?”


Hello, world!

Welcome to Nemesis Watching, named for the Greek goddess of retribution and justice. The quote at the top comes from Mesomedes’ “Hymn to Nemesis.”

I’m one of the 1.5 million, unemployed college graduates. It’s not only my story. It’s all of our stories, just from a different vantage point on the runaway train.